Letters from tooth fairies that sneeze, sing, steal and so much more

We're on a mission to send serious tooth fairies and their silly letters into bedrooms everywhere. Our tooth fairies have pep, personality and problems, and their printable tooth fairy letters show it. Download one today, and turn your child's loose and lost teeth into adventures in imagination. 

(Tell me more first. Like what makes these letters unique, how they work, my part in them, etc.)

Our Fairies

Meet the tooth fairies -- and those who keep The Tooth Fairy Company running. Our fairies sneeze, sing, and salivate over donuts. And, yes, they also pick up teeth. 

> Learn more about each tooth fairy.

Their Letters

A lot can happen while picking up a tooth, and our fairies love to recount it all. Silly or serious, funny or formal, each printable tooth fairy letter is as distinctive as the tooth fairy that writes it. 

> Get a quick overview of each letter.

Your Child

Losing a tooth has never been so much fun. That's our hope for your child anyway. Our goal is to tickle their imaginations, make them laugh -- and turn losing teeth into winning smiles! 

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Two of our tooth fairies, Ariafee and Bumblefee, visit a little girl and make quite an impression with their letters and antics.

Download "Ariafee Sings in Code" and  "Bumblefee Spends the ToothLoot," both of the letters mentioned in the video.

Curious to know what goes on with our tooth fairies in between tooth pick-ups? 

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