A big milestone of childhood is the loss of a tooth. So why not turn this occasion into an entertaining family event? Our interactive tooth fairy letters open a door to a fun, imaginative world that you and your child can gleefully explore and fondly recall for years to come. 

Our Fairies

Meet the tooth fairies -- and those who keep The Tooth Fairy Company running. Our fairies sneeze, sing, and salivate over donuts. And, yes, they also pick up teeth. 

Their Letters

A lot can happen while picking up a tooth, and our fairies love to recount it all. Silly or serious, funny or formal, each letter is as distinctive as the tooth fairy that writes it. 

Your Child

Losing a tooth has never been so much fun. That's our hope for your child anyway. Our goal is to tickle their imaginations, make them laugh -- and turn losing teeth into winning smiles!