None of this would have been possible without...

It's taken a while, possibly too long, to bring form to this idea. As excited and motivated as I feel on some days, on others I've been completely derailed by doubts and distractions. It's in those times that the thought, comment or action of certain individuals is just what I needed to keep plowing ahead.

I know some of the people mentioned here will be surprised to see their names. A few I haven't talked to in years. Others I only superficially know. And some I don't know at all except by reputation. 

No matter my connection to them, each of these individuals has encouraged me in some lasting, positive way. And for that I thank them most heartily.

-- Kaci Bower

  • Arland Dwelle, my father and the co-creatorwho could be doing so many other things in his retirement but chose to give me his time and talents and join me in this crazy and creative adventure 
  • Fran Dwelle, my mother, whose belief in my potential and promise knows no bounds 
  • Phillip Bower, my faithful and gentle husband, who financially supports us by working so hard at a job he likes so I can work hard at something I love
  • Gia, my sweet daughter, who was the first to believe in these tooth fairies and who tells everyone that her mommy works for them
  • Cambria and Jessica, my creatively superior sisters, who have been great sounding boards (and need to join me in this!)
  • Julie Bowden, Emily Callejas and Cambria Bold, my Creative Cluster group, who provided a safe space to declare my creative intentions over nine amazing months
  • Cina Canada, my best friend for many years, who willingly and lovingly supports me in any way she can, despite the time and resource demands of her own ventures
  • Terri Baskett, who gave me such enthusiastic, thoughtful feedback on early drafts
  • Cheryl Fenton, who pointed out one day how noticeably excited I am talking about this business as compared to other more conventional job options
  • Ali Gardezi, a former business school classmate, who had no idea until now how he is a daily source of encouragement with the inspirational quotes he posts
  • Christina Dyous, who made me and this business idea feel legitimate by always asking how the tooth fairy business was coming along every time I saw her 
  • The professors and classmates of MBA Fellows 3 (Johns Hopkins Carey Business School) who showed me what I was capable of when given the chance, a feeling that empowers me even now
  • MarketingSherpa, especially my former Primary Research Team colleagues -- Sergio Balegno, Jen Doyle, Jeff Rice, and Meghan Lockwood -- who gave me a keen appreciation for inbound marketing by putting me in charge of this research area
  • Sandy Choi and Tara Hurley, who both told me -- before seeing anything -- to let them know when this went live so they could tell their networks of moms and friends
  • Ron Schmelzer, a parallel entrepreneur, who turned me onto Fiverr
  • natt88, my Fiverr illustrator, who captured these tooth fairies' personalities in form and color  
  • Joe Ferrante, my cousin and brilliant composer, who informed me upon hearing about this idea that he'd steal it if he weren't so busy already 
  • The very small sub-group of recipients in my Christmas letter list who appreciate my writing style - and who made me realize how much I enjoy writing letters
  • My Facebook friends who "like" the posts where I am exercising (and often spraining) my humor writing muscles
  • Podcasts, like Beyond the To-Do List, Good Life Project, and Accidental Creative, that inspire me with story upon story of people who took an idea and did something with it
  • Joel Osteen, who reminds me with his weekly sermons that God has a plan for me
  • Squarespace, for giving me a web platform even I can figure out and make look halfway decent