We like sticky situations

Candy buybacks are all the rage at this time of year.  So, naturally, we want to offer one too.*  

Our reasons are two-fold. One, we tooth fairies love happy teeth. But when children eat too much candy, their teeth become sad, even mad. We are unable to add those teeth to our Collection and must use them to make sidewalks instead.

Two, we have figured out how to melt down candy and turn it into the most incredibly sticky and hard-drying glue. The tooth fairies use this glue for all kinds of things. Bumblefee, for example, uses it to glue the teeth she’s collected up on her ceiling and all over her walls. Smigglesfert uses it to glue pictures and keepsakes into his scrapbook. This glue is the only thing we’ve found to keep the pages in his scrapbook from flying all over the place when he sneezes.

If you think your child would like to take part in our Candy Buyback Event -- where you fund and we facilitate! -- please download Inspector Skeeterflip's Candy Buyback Proposal below.


*Okay, as much as we love trying to come off real, you know we're just fictional characters. If you participate in our Candy Buyback Event, you will actually be the one buying back and paying for your child's candy. We just facilitate that process. Just in case that wasn't clear...