Bumblefee Spends the ToothLoot (B1)

Tooth Fairy Letter - Bumblefee Spends the ToothLoot
Tooth Fairy Letter - Bumblefee Spends the ToothLoot

Bumblefee Spends the ToothLoot (B1)


What happens when a tooth fairy shows up short on tooth money? 

In this tooth fairy letter, Bumblefee buys a doughnut using the money designated for your child's toothAs if that weren't enough, naughty Fweebolwitz steals part of it too. How will she ever make this right?

Key features of this tooth fairy letter adventure include:

  • 3 days of fun, silliness and suspense
  • 4 letters from 2 tooth fairies
  • 12 total pages of tooth fairy correspondence
  • 2 activities to involve your child
  • 1 tooth fairy certificate
  • Ability to personalize with your child's name

This is the first tooth fairy letter in the Bumblefee series. (And it's free, because a tooth fairy's first visit is on us!) 

Letters are designed to be used in sequence for each fairy's series. You can continue this series with "Bumblefee Offers a Replacement Tooth" or get her complete series in the "Bumblefee Letter Bundle."

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Before printing, letters and certificate can be personalized with child's name.

Most tooth fairy letters involve your child in some activity. The tooth fairies might ask your child to find the ToothLoot, write a letter in response, answer a question, draw a picture, follow some clues, put words in order, perform an activity, make a choice, etc.

If your child's tooth has not yet fallen out, and time permitting, start them off with the free Loose Tooth Letter Bundle before using this letter. These loose tooth letters introduce our tooth fairies and set up the prospect of fun to come. No worries, though, if there is no opportunity to do this (like your child's tooth is out already and you need something by morning!) Bumblefee's letters will still make sense and accomplish the same purpose.