Flitterfee Forgets to Visit (F1)


Flitterfee Forgets to Visit (F1)


It happens. A tooth fairy forgets to visit. But do you ever wonder why? In this FREE two-night tooth fairy letter adventure, you'll get that (long and rambling) answer, in true Flitterfee form.

Key features of this tooth fairy letter include:

  • 2 visits across 2 nights
  • 2 days of fun and silliness
  • 6 pages of tooth fairy correspondence
  • 2 activities to involve your child
  • 1 certificate

(If you don't plan to purchase any more letters at this time, download this letter from our Free Tooth Fairy Letters page and skip the check-out process.)

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More info:

You will be sent a link to a digital download. Before printing, letters and certificate can be personalized with child's name.

Most tooth fairy letters involve your child in some activity. The tooth fairies might ask your child to find the ToothLoot, write a letter in response, answer a question, draw a picture, follow some clues, put words in order, perform an activity, make a choice, etc.

If your child's tooth has not yet fallen out, and time permitting, start them off with the free Loose Tooth Letter Bundle before using this letter. These loose tooth letters introduce our tooth fairies and set up the prospect of fun to come.