A tooth fairy certificate to mark the occasion

A lost tooth is a pretty big deal. Compared to losing other parts of a body, losing a tooth is fun, welcome even. As such, it deserves proper recognition. And one way to do this is with a tooth fairy certificate, featured below. 

Now, a certificate is definitely a great start.  But if you'd like to do something more fun and interactive, consider one of our printable tooth fairy letters. These aren't your typical tooth fairy letters either. Written by our [musical, mischievous, clumsy, forgetful, anxious, etc.] tooth fairies. these multi-night tooth fairy letters turn the occasion of a lost tooth into an adventure in imagination

(And, don't worry, a special tooth fairy certificate, stamped with our Seal of Toothenticity, is still included with every letter!)


Check out our printable tooth fairy letter adventures for something to stretch out your child's fun. A certificate lasts for 30 seconds, but our tooth fairies' letters last for a couple of nights. With these, your child will enjoy: