The Tooth Fairies and their Secret Valentines

The Skeeterflip Report #4

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and the tooth fairies have had a lot of fun leading up to it. This year they decided to hold a Secret Valentine gift exchange. Each tooth fairy picked a name out of a hat to be his or her Secret Valentine. And each tooth fairy then gave their Secret Valentine a small present every day this week.

Ariafee had picked Flitterfee’s name. Every day she gave Flitterfee a new scarf. Flitterfee, naturally, couldn’t decide which one to wear, so she put them all on. By the end of the week, she looked like she was wearing a ball of multi-colored yarn around her neck. And she loved it.

Bumblefee had picked Dr. Say-ahh-fee’s name. She gave him a new box of band-aids every day. And by the end of every day, Dr. Say-ahh-fee had given half of those back to Bumblefee. Yes, she keeps flying into doors and crashing into windows.

My personal favorite match-up was Smigglesfert’s. Of all the tooth fairy names he could have picked out of the hat, guess whose he picked? Mischiefee's. As you know, Mischiefee’s favorite thing to do – besides picking up teeth from children – is to tease Smigglesfert. And here Smigglesfert had picked MIschiefee's name. He almost sneezed when he saw it, but he held it it. Otherwise, he would have given himself away for sure.

The first present Smigglesfert gave Mischiefee was a note. It said: “Every day you will get a letter. It is a clue. By the end of the week, your gift will be revealed to you.”

The first day Mischiefee got the letter G. The next day an O. Then a T. Then a C. After four days of this, Mischiefee was pretty confused. He had four letters – GOTC. He knew they were clues, but he had no idea what they meant and what they had to do with his final gift.

On the last day of the Secret Valentine gift exchange, which was at our big Valentine’s Day party this morning, Mischiefee opened up his final gift and saw two more letters, H and A. He added them to the end of the other letters, and what did it spell but “Gotcha.”

By this point, Smigglesfert was bursting from excitement and sneezing like crazy. He had played his first joke ever on Mischiefee. And Mischiefee loved it. He gave Smigglesfert a huge high-five and told him that was the best Valentine’s Day gift he ever got. As much as Mischiefee likes to play jokes on others, he loves to be teased and tricked himself even more. Any other tooth fairy would have been sad, maybe even mad about this trick gift, but not Mischiefee. Smigglesfert knew that the best gift he could give Mischiefee was a taste of his own medicine. And he was right.

That wraps up this week’s report. I’ll send over another one soon.

Signing off,

Inspector Skeeterflip

The Skeeterflip Report is the official record of our tooth fairies' activities, as observed and chronicled by Inspector Skeeterflip, our Loose Tooth Checker and self-appointed company reporter. Unofficially, it's a tooth fairy story. But we try not to call it that in front of him.