A Tooth Fairy Builds a Snowman

The Skeeterflip Report #6        

It’s been a snowy week here at The Tooth Fairy Company. But our tooth fairies don’t mind at all. They love to play outside in the snow.

Yesterday was a great example of this. After hours of sledding, snow ball fights and Smigglesfert sneezing, everyone finally went inside to warm up with some hot chocolate. Everyone, except Bumblefee. She stayed outside to build a snowman.

Out of curiosity, I asked her what props she planned on using to make it look like a snowman. She said teeth. I figured that meant she’d use three teeth, maybe five at the most, to make a toothy smile on her snowman. 

But this is Bumblefee we’re talking about. She’s the tooth fairy that collects teeth. And stores teeth.  And decorates her room with teeth.

So do you think she used just five teeth for her snowman? Of course not. She used hundreds, if not thousands of teeth. She covered that entire snowman in teeth.

In fact, the only snow you could see on this snowman was a tiny snowball she had made for the snowman to hold. Otherwise, no other snow was visible. Why Bumblefee even called it a snowman is beyond me.

After she took a picture of her art project, she tried to clean up and put everything away. She didn't want to lose any of these precious teeth, after all.

But she couldn't pull the teeth off the snowman. Each tooth was stuck in the snow and frozen into place. It looks like she’s going to have to wait until the weather warms up and the snow melts to put these teeth away.

Until that happens, I expect Smigglesfert to be a nervous, sneezing mess. As you know, his job around here is to keep track of all the teeth that the tooth fairies bring back. Understandably, he’s worried that those teeth stuck onto the snow child will go missing. His biggest concern is that a bird will chip one off with its beak and carry it away.

To try to prevent this from happening, he built a scarecrow. So now we have a scarecrow and a tooth-covered snow child out on our front lawn. It’s quite the curb appeal.

Well, that’s it for this week’s update. I’ll send over another report soon.

Signing off,

Inspector Skeeterflip

The Skeeterflip Report is the official record of our tooth fairies' activities, as observed and chronicled by Inspector Skeeterflip, our Loose Tooth Checker and self-appointed company reporter. Unofficially, it's a tooth fairy story. But we try not to call it that in front of him.