Introducing The Skeeterflip Report

Welcome to the first edition of The Skeeterflip Report. We are very excited to start bringing you weekly coverage of life here at The Tooth Fairy Company.

This report comes to you courtesy of Inspector Skeeterflip, our Loose Tooth Checker.  As a Loose Tooth Checker, Inspector Skeeterflip's job is to find all the children with a loose tooth so he can put their names on a special list for the tooth fairies. They really like knowing which children will soon have a tooth to give them.

Besides his job as the Loose Tooth Checker, Inspector Skeeterflip also keeps an eye on everything going on here at The Tooth Fairy Company. As you can imagine with all these tooth fairies flying in and out and all around, there’s quite a lot happening. But he writes it all down – everything he hears and everything he sees – and puts it in a report that he submits every Friday.

And that's what we have here for you today. So without further ado, we present...

The Skeeterflip Report #1

2015 started with New Year’s resolutions. Every tooth fairy here at The Tooth Fairy Company wrote down something they want to stop doing or start doing this year. Now that we’re a couple of weeks into January already, I decided to take it upon myself to check and see how they’re each coming along.

Let’s start with Bumblefee, cute-and-clumsy, polka-dot wearing, donut-loving Bumblefee. She said that in 2015 she wanted to eat fewer donuts. But more cupcakes!

I can report that she is definitely eating more cupcakes. Unfortunately, she still eats the same number of donuts. My recommendation is to help her get a handle on this, or we could be facing a real public image problem. Think about it. A donut-loving cupcake-eating tooth fairy cannot be good for our reputation. We are in the business of teeth, after all.

Moving on to Ariafee, our singing tooth fairy. Did you know that she wants to record a song this year? Not just any song. She is hoping to become a viral sensation on ToothTube.

As for Smigglesfert, our tooth fairy-in-training? As you know, he only wears brown and the idea of wearing any other color makes him sneeze from anxiety and nervousness. But he decided that he wants to buy – and wear – something that isn’t brown this year. Last weekend he went shopping and actually came back with a pair of very dark blue dress pants.  Unfortunately, when he went to class, Mischiefee snuck into his room and took those pants back to the store and exchanged them for pair of hot pink jeggings.  When Smigglesfert saw these in his closet later that day, he started sneezing like crazy and has not stopped. I fear this is a set back for the poor guy.

Speaking of Mischiefee, he’s up to his usual set of tricks. If you can believe it, his New Year’s resolution is to tease Smigglesfert more, a whole lot more.  Honestly, he seems to be the only one of the tooth fairies keeping his resolution.

Finally, we’ve got Flitterfee. As the most distractible and forgetful tooth fairy we have here on staff, it was no surprise that she’s had some trouble making and keeping her resolution. It all started when she forgot her pencil and notebook at a child’s house when she was picking up his tooth. Before I had a chance to tell her that she could just borrow a pencil and piece of paper from me to write down her new year’s resolution, she had already flown away. She hasn’t come back yet. Between you and me, I always get worried that she’ll forget she’s a tooth fairy and we’ll never see her again.

That wraps it up for this week’s updates. I’ll send a new report over soon.

Signing off,

Inspector Skeeterflip

The Skeeterflip Report is also read by Kaci Bower on our ToothTube channel. Disclaimer: We aren't going to win any awards for video production. It took five takes just to get it to this! - Inspector Skeeterflip reports on how our tooth fairies are doing with their New Year's resolutions. Spoiler alert: not well.