Tooth fairy ideas for boisterous boys and giggly girls 

Our tooth fairies are trained to visit both boys and girls. That means they know how to write letters that any child — boy or girl — can understand and enjoy.

But let's be real. Just like some girls prefer princesses to policemen, and some boys prefer bogeymen to ballerinas, your sons and daughters might also prefer a certain type of letter over another.

Therefore, we've made some suggested* groupings to give you ideas for letters to use with your kids, particularly the boys

We think it's important to show them that tooth fairies don't only wear shimmery pink or scatter glitter wherever they go. This is a common misconception, and one we here at The Tooth Fairy Company are trying to fight. It's why we hired Mischiefee, a skateboarding prankster, Smigglesfert, a studious lad if there ever was one, and Inspector Skeeterflip, the first to always arrive on the scene of any loose tooth.

Tooth fairy letters for boys 

Smigglesfert Sneezes

Why boys might like this? Smigglesfert is a boy Tooth Fairy-in-Training and a student at The Tooth Fairy Academy. He creates a lot of intense moments for himself, in that he sneezes in response to anything that makes him super excited or super nervous. Which is pretty much everything. 

Smigglesfert Loses the Tooth

Why boys might like this? If your kid likes a mystery, then this follow-up letter to "Smigglesfert Sneezes" should also be a hit. In this two-night adventure, Smigglesfert loses the tooth he just picked up from your child and needs to find it by the deadline for turning in his Tooth Procurement Report. Failure to do so could get him, at best, put on probation, and, at worst, kicked out of The Tooth Fairy Academy.

Mischiefee's Treasure Hunt

Why boys might like this? Tooth Fairy Mischiefee is the resident jokester. His letters regale readers with the accounts of tricks he's played on the other tooth fairies. His letters are also the most interactive, in that they require children to walk all around the house to participate in the fun he's created.

Mischiefee Plays Pick a Number

Why boys might like this? Tooth Fairy Mischiefee is up to his tricks again in this second letter. He gives your child the option to take the ToothLoot upfront or play for it.

Bumblefee Spends the ToothLoot

Why boys might like this? Although Bumblefee is a very sweet and lovable girl tooth fairy, her nemesis, Fweebolwitz, shows up mid-way through this letter series and steals the ToothLoot. Fweebolwitz is your classic villain, intent on creating havoc and securing power. 

Bumblefee Offers a Replacement Tooth

Why boys might like this? In this letter, Tooth Fairy Bumblefee asks your child if he or she would like a fully-installed replacement tooth. Gruffleblub, the tooth fairy that works in our Repair Shop, designs a couple of different versions that don't quite work out as planned.


Now that you've seen some ideas for boys, here are a few ideas for the girls in your family too.


Tooth fairy letters for girls

Ariafee Tries to Sing

Why girls might like this? Tooth Fairy Ariafee is a little diva in the making. (But one we'll keep humble!) Right now, she's working on building up her fan base. She doesn't even have one fan, because no child has heard her sing. She hopes to change that in this letter.

Ariafee Sings in Code

Why girls might like this? If your girl likes Ariafee, she'll enjoy finding out - and figuring out - what happens when Ariafee tries singing again and the words come out in code. 

Flitterfee Forgets to Visit

Why girls might like this? Tooth Fairy Flitterfee is into fashion, dressing up, and hanging out with friends. And, wow, does she love to talk. Sound like any girls you know?

Bumblefee Spends the ToothLoot

Why girls might like this? Although the presence of Fweebolwitz, the Ex-Tooth Fairy and ornery villain, makes this letter appeal to boys, it definitely works for girls too. Bumblefee is as sweet as they come. She saves most of the teeth she collects, gluing them all over her room onto any available surface. She also likes to turn the best teeth into earrings.

* Please note that these are just suggestions. The Tooth Fairy Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer, which, in our tooth fairy world, means we give each tooth fairy an equal opportunity to visit any child. Although you can order a visit from any tooth fairy you'd like, we will never exclude any of our fairies upfront on the basis of name, appearance, tone, handwriting, or style of letter. If we did, there'd be no one left to work.